Easeus Data Recovery Key & License Code Free Activated

Easeus Data Recovery Key

Easeus Data Recovery Key is known as the best data recovery software. Fortunately, using a data recovery program is the most straightforward option when you lose important information stored on discs. A licensed copy of the EaseUs Data Recovery tool helps recover lost data. Additionally, the recovery program may work with Windows and Mac OPERATING SYSTEMS and restore data in seconds.
You can learn to recover data more effectively due to the new features that are now available.

Easeus Data Recovery Key

The recovery of deleted data from any HARD DRIVE is crucial. One of the most effective programs to recover lost data is EaseUS data recovery. All you have to do is use the EaseUS data recovery tool’s license code to activate it. But occasionally, the hard drive suffers internal damage due to a system crash or another unforeseen event. However, we’ll concentrate on the main subject of our talk instead.

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Easeus Data Recovery Software Has a Basic Need

Since you can never be too sure when your data can become lost, the program is fundamentally necessary. Large sums of money can be spent on obtaining pricey antivirus software and even more expensive equipment. In no way are we criticizing the global technical developments that are occurring. However, some people’s dishonest behavior is also growing along with these beneficial improvements.

We must exercise prudence. Malware attacks and data theft are common. These hackers occasionally merely assault people’s computers for amusement. Even if you are exceptionally cautious, you risk losing your files if you tamper with other people’s data. You can lose your files in the following ways because of the need for recovery software and the EaseUS data recovery key.

About Major Specifications


Someone may take your laptop or external hard drive, which may also be targeted by hackers who want to access your data online.

Attack by a virus :

Vulnerable people may target your devices and install malware that corrupts or deletes your software.

Unexpected Device Shutdowns:

There have been numerous instances where devices have shut down without warning, which can result in the loss of our data.
When connecting external devices to our PC, they may suddenly format.

Human Error

Human error is one of the main reasons why an Easeus license code is required. We frequently accidentally erase one of our files. We are no longer needed to dwell on our mistakes and feel hopeless.

Natural disasters

There may be some natural disasters. If your gadget drowns due to floods, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your data.

How do you think you could activate the EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

You will be able to use the software once you activate it with an EaseUS data recovery key or a licensing code, regardless of whether you downloaded it from any official website or acquired it from someone else. Consequently, the procedures and processes to launch the software are listed below:

  • Use the files “config.dat” and “DRWUI.exe” to activate the EaseUS software.
  • Open the EaseUS Wizard License Software after downloading and installing it from the official website.
  • You must then permit EaseUS Wizard to use its offline activation key.
  • To install the software, copy the file config.dat from the downloaded folder and paste it there.
  • Next, duplicate the “.exe” file and paste it again into the installed folder.
  • The ‘DRWUI.exe’ software to access the internet can be blocked.
  • launch the software and turn on the offline mode.
  • Close the program on the device after activation is complete.
  • Afterward, duplicate the “DRWUI.exe” file and insert it into the installation file.
  • Once you press the “OK” button, your activation will be completed.
  • To activate the Easeus Data Recovery software, use the “Block Host” program
  • Install the EaseUS Wizard License Software setup file first.
  • Please install the application after that, then shut it off.
  • Block Host on your computer, laptop, or MacBook after that.
  • Now, copy “keygen” and put it into the installation folder.
  • Your activation will be successful if you run the keygen in administrator mode.
  • To activate your copy and gain access to all of the Free
  • EaseUS’s features for data recovery use the keys shown below.

Why Should I Use EaseUS Data Recovery?

You can quickly recover the data you deleted by pressing “Shift+Del” with the EaseUs utility. You can also use it if a Hard Drive partition was lost, destroyed, or otherwise inaccessible.

Another scenario that could necessitate the urgent use of data recovery software is losing data due to a boot failure when upgrading the Windows Operating System. Such contaminated data that may either lose data or become invisible under a viral attack can be recovered.

Key Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

In this part, I’ll go over a few of the reasons why EaseUS is an essential tool for data recovery. To begin with, the software is easy to use and has a straightforward, step-by-step data recovery procedure. Second, practicing may be fun to kill off unnecessary installations, and preview lost data before retrieving it. However, not everyone will agree with it. Thirdly, and most significantly, it supports numerous popular languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Portuguese, to meet the demands of users all over the world.

Additionally, the upgraded version of any file type is recoverable in the Windows 10 Operating System. Finally, you can recover audio, video, and other archived files using the EaseUS Data Recovery License Code. This utility recovers lost data and files without replacing the older, earlier versions of the files. Thus, it aids in clearing out extra files from storage.

Partition With Easeus

Data from any deleted partition unintentionally created by reinstalling the operating system, BOOT MANAGER, improper cloning, disc accident, or re-partitioning can be recovered with the EaseUS data recovery key. You may also use software to recover data from various cards and discs, including SD cards, USB drives, and external hard drives. Thus, optimizing the hard drive space at regular periods is always beneficial.


Is it safe to use the key?

Ans: The keys have been tested before being given to you. It is entirely safe to use them. However, we offer you these keys so you can easily protect your gadgets. The best way to save your files and work without worrying about losing them is to use this method.

Why Is EaseUS Data Recovery Better Than That of Its Rivals?

Ans: As you can see, this software is incredible and error-proof. Additionally, it continuously updates its software to satisfy your needs. The following fantastic features can be unlocked with the key:

  • It is straightforward to use and accessible to people of all ages.
  • You can perform it for yourself without any issues, regardless of your level of gadget skill.
  • It also features an easy-to-use step-by-step manual that you can use to install on your device.
  • You have control over which files you can back up and restore because it enables you to inspect all the missing data before you begin the recording procedure.
  • You may quickly recover a sizable amount of data using EaseUS recovery keys.
  • One of the factors contributing to its popularity is its speed.


You may use the software until the trial period if you recently downloaded it. However, despite that, the Easeus Data Recovery Key is not free. In that situation, you’ll either need to purchase a license key from the market or find a different means to arrange an Easeus Data Recovery License Code.

The software gathers data from internal and external drives. With the aid of an active software copy with the license key or keygen mentioned above, lost data can be promptly recovered in the event of an accidental document or file deletion, partition loss, hard drive failure, corrupted partitions, and other lost data scenarios.

Documents, messages, emails, and other significantly less crucial data can also be restored. Therefore, this software may be helpful to you in all of these circumstances.

Serial Keys:

  • 3GU4B-7TU7I-70LVW-5KB43-OH8M7-CGKDA

Product Keys:

  • 4121W-4A4J1-RHRYD-6FWZR-T2IQ4-871QS

Easeus Data Recovery license code


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